5 days before leaving Moscow. And that means head and body are still here but soul has been already walking on the River banks and heart has been beating fast… And friends send the most recent today’s morning pictures from Shonguy:

Looking at the medium water level, instantly estimate tackle, flies, pools and accompanying)). In short, fishing has already started. All free and not quite free time — to gathering and last preparations.

Will go with friends on car, departure is planned on Sunday 24, June early morning. To calmly (this is rather unlikely) finish houshold chores and work and leave the capital with the minimized traffic on Sunday early morning.
I will take:
RODS. If I would go by plane, I would take just one — my Celt — 6 sections Gaelforce 13’9″ #8/9. Compact, universal, perfect for intended fishing conditions and simply favorite. But as we’ll go by car, so it is possible to take few rods — which missed, which are curious and very unusual. Can read about all of them in the section  TackleTest — Рыболовные двуручные удилища. //Fishing two-handed rods// So then, in addition to Celt the bouquet included:
Bruce&Walker Powerlite Grilse 15′ #5-7 — exelent vintage rod, such one has not been produced for a long time, can read my detailed impressions here здесь. Take it to cast a long spey line into the distance. Haven’t been fished with it for a long time, missed.
Winston Boron IIX 13’3″ #7/8 — the first and true two-handed friend. With all the variety of rods gathered in recent years, I can’t not take it with me. Detailed about our friendship here.
CND I Spey Power Classic (S.Glass) 13’4″ #6/7/8 — the most unusual beast that came into my hands (except for bamboo two-handed rods). Has been living with me for a long time, I have been writing an article about it for a long time, will publish soon. And it has never been on fishing. It’s time!
Customized rod assembled from Kola Salmon D4 LE #7 13’7″ blank. This is not mine rod, but Oleg (the owner) won’t get on salmon fishing this year and suggested me not only test it (can read here здесь), but try out it in real conditions as well. There is a possibility that the water will fall considerably during the stay on the River and then this rod will be the optimal option.

Main — NextCast Winter Authority 45 of two classes — #7/8 and #9/10. Think this is the best fishing option for most situations of salmon fishing. Excellent compromise between load capacity, ease of handling and delicacy of presentation. Removable ends allow to build designs with different depth presentation of fly. Often use 10ft intermediate leader RIO — Spey VersiLeader 1.5 ips (clear loop) insted of original one. Very close by the weight distribution to the original one, and transparency allows to soothe yourself with the thought of less visibility of the design for salmon (how serious should be about it — a big question that I have no answer).
In absence of better options on hand polyleader 10 can be used as a leader for better fly dipping. Line flight quality deteriorates but not critical.
As reserve checked universal lines will be taken Scientific Anglers products — Atlantic Salmon Shooting Head SH-8/9-F and class 7,8 in a later emanation of this series Mastery Textured Series — Ultimate Scandi Taper UST ST-7/8-F.  Mastery Textured Series differes from the previous one in rough surface only, structure is exactly the same. Rough surface is a marketing on 90%, I don’t feel the difference at lifting from water. I leave 10% to be modest for my immature skill. Visited Scientific Anglers  web-site to give a link to the line — found with surprise and sadness that this line isn’t produced in this configuration anymore, only in Short version… The industry is  following the path of cast technic simplification by sacrificing presentation quality.  A little bit pity, I’ve been using these not expensive lines for 7 years with a great pleasure. I’m glad I have a stock of several weights — together with 10′ or 15(14)’ polyleaders of different buoyancy it turns out good sets for different depth presentation and delivery delicacy.
New items from Kola Salmon will go to battle-testing — shooting heads  Scandi Concept TIPS #7/8 and #9. There is no description on producer web-site yet, as of this minute (21/06/2018 morning) I haven’t dipped it yet in water too. Scandi head with versitip, polyleaders can be used as versitips (according to the author — Maxim Grishatov). Can hope that this is a good budget alternative to Nextcast. Hope will have enough time to test it on a home training pond till departure. 23/06 — yesterday and today on a home training pond together with these lines and rods from my arsenal for coming fishing.  I have the impression but plan to formulate it after using in real conditions. Primary — it’s worth a try.
RIO InTouch Long Head Spey 8/9F will go on an additional spool as a long spey line in case of low water and/or need to cast far and/or more delicate. I haven’t caught on it yet but fell in love with it and became attached to it for year of trainings.
There will be 425 and 475 grain skagits from OPST with sinking tips in the pocket. More and more I come to believe that I don’t need skagits on Kola river, all questions are closed by more delicate and universal Scandi (I conditionally refer Nextcast to this category too). But as far I have doubts (like very cramped conditions and big heavy flies herewith, …) — Ed Ward skagits are with me.
For vivacity and inspiration — pictures of colleague yesterday (20/06/2018) happiness from Pechenga:

RUNNINGS. Presumptuously think that will reach needed distance with PVC runnings, so have been reeled them on reels and spools as main. They let to control the following better by giving possibility of mending. Mending — important element of fishing. Use air mending in the moment of casting and after line laying on water as well. Don’t use unconsciously/ automatically shifting after cast — bad habit, chase the fly in acceleration and give the Fish a chance to attack the fly after the splashdown and/or while unimpeded swimming — great methods of following.
//Неиспользую тоже, автоматически перекладывать шнур после заброса — плохая привычка, гонять муху в разгон и давать возможность Рыбе атаковать муху после приводнения и/или при свободном проплыве — отличные приемы проводки. //
But also have not-PVC runnings in stock. Something like to-cast-further.
PVC-running Kola Salmon. Last year testing on a home training pond left very good impressions (detailes are here) — strong, soft and neat. Fears of the plastic strength and loops destruction didn’t justify in passed almost year of regular using on trainings — everything is OK. But new one is apprared — it seems that it prones to tangle when casting more than I wish to. Will observe it in real conditions.
PVC-running RIO ConnectCore Shooting Line 0.032in Flt. Like everything in this running — thin, smooth, soft, with conical color transition from head to main running part, unbraekable loops. Except the load capacity — only 20lb. And though have caught salmon with it many times but the thought that will loose the most trophy fish because of it sometimes flashes in mind… That is why it in stock yet but will be used for sure. At least for full comparison with Kola’s claimant.
Two mono-runnings — Lazarline  OPST 30lb and Varivas Air 47lb. A tribute to the ongoing experements. Lazarline is slippery and tactile pleasing but noticeably sinking. Varivas is perfectly fine with floating.

REELS. There is a total monogamy here — two Danielsson H5D 9thirteen and L5W 8twelve and an additional spool, additional benefit — they have the same spools.