This is not the first my fly made in hand (without vise). But the first one which i take a picture of and show:20190925_000335

Kamasan B190 #1 hook, golden tinsel in tag and segmentation, body — black wool, collar — pintail, wing of raccoon (a piece of old fur coat found at the New Year). The fly is simple and slightly crooked. And there is no particular reason to tie without vise. Except that as prevention of Parkinson with Alzheimer. But undertaking is curious, will continue…

To make the post longer — here is one more fly with the wing from the same raccoon fur coat on Kamasan B190 #2:20190925_000719

The wing from raccoon here consists of two parts — in the middle of the body and in the usual place. Huckle in the middle of the body and collar — teal. Western colleagues call the such type of fly Grab and catch Steelhead on it. This one tied in vise.